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PMO EXPLORERS 001 : Chiltern Hills
12.1 kilometers of trails, a solid 430 meters uphill grind, 3 hours and 5 minutes of adventure, loads of laughs, and a couple of sunburnt necks to show for it!

The sun was beaming down on us as we kicked off our first community hike, set in the idyllic woodlands of the Chiltern Hills. These hills are all about that classic English charm – think chalky slopes, carpets of bluebells, and majestic beechwood trees. They sprawl across four counties in the Southeast of England, providing the ultimate escape from the London hustle and bustle… and boy, did we need it after the crazy start to the year we’ve had!

PMO Community Hike Chiltern Hills



We were buzzing with excitement, and it seemed like everyone else felt the same vibe, even those who were still rubbing the sleep from their eyes on Saturday morning. After a quick round of hellos and a pep talk, we hit the trail, with the PMO Explorers crew and four furry pals in tow.

PMO Community Hike Doglogs on the PMO Community Hike


Sure, we may have taken a slight detour in the wrong direction at the start – but hey, that was all part of the warm-up, right? Once we got on track, we followed the ridgeway, taking in the ancient woodlands and the beauty of the nature reserve. Conversations flowed as freely as the breeze, with debates over whether that bird soaring above us was a Buzzard or a Red Kite. We eventually settled on the latter, thanks to its distinctive markings. Fun fact: Red Kites were reintroduced to the Chiltern Hills in the ’90s after being wiped out in the UK way back in 1871. Now, they’re thriving like never before.


PMO Community hiking in the Chiltern Hills


During our adventure, we made sure to give the dogs a chance to hydrate and catch their breath, which also gave us a chance to refuel with a snack or two. A sit down for our lunch break was needed, where we were greeted by a curious bunch of cows enjoying their own midday munch. A sense of peace was felt all around.

Cows on the PMO hikePMO Hike community

A quick sprint to the hill’s summit, we were rewarded with breathtaking views and a refreshing breeze – the perfect cooldown. So then we descended, tackling the final leg of the journey, winding through chalky landscapes and shady woodlands, we couldn’t help but appreciate the relief from the sun. And to cap it all off, the group were treated to some epic goodie bags. Our exclusive PMO tees were a hit, and let’s not forget about those lifesaving patches from Ross J Barr’s clinic – trust me, they were a game-changer. Definitely worth checking out if you get the chance!


PMO Community Hike Goodie Bag


Here at PMO, we’re all about community, and Saturday was the epitome of that. Seeing folks journeying from all over to join us and become part of the PMO story – well, it’s pretty special. Purple Mountain isn’t just a brand to us; it’s a communal hub where we can share not just our products, but also our passion for the great outdoors and a break from the city life.

Also wanted to give a shoutout to Chloe and her brother for making the trek to meet us, even though they got stuck in traffic and missed the group start. They still smashed the hike and had a blast doing it. Thank you guys!

Until next time,

Team PMO

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