Sky Diving in Purple Mountain Observatory Apparel
Convergence – SS24
Convergence. A dance into the descent.

The video continues our narrative into the world of Purple Mountain Observatory, exploring the methods we can truly challenge the limits of the brand.

This time we look at the sport of Formation Skydiving with 10x National Champions Martin Roberson and Greg Lucas; who tested out our Soft Shell range whilst they reach speeds of up to 120mph.

The duo form part of a larger team named ‘Omni99’ , who formed in 2014 so they could take their extreme hobby to a competitive level on both a national and international level. They have also represented Team GB for indoor skydiving competitions. Formation Skydiving is a sport that demonstrates remarkable co-ordination and skill; with teams of 4 working together to build formations and patterns whilst in free-fall.

The team is made up of Sarah Boyd, Martin Roberson, Tim Gaines, Greg Lucas and Dan Guest; Dan stepped in as our camera man for the campaign. They’re a close group of close friends who have come together for the love of skydiving, and have excelled in their art. So who better than them to test out our gear?