Purple Mountain Observatory Heat Reactive
Thermal Shift – SS24 – Heat-Reactive Campaign


An amalgamation of performance and science.

A pivotal moment for the brands evolution, as it reaches its second season under Purple Mountain Observatory the Heat Reactive range marks an ongoing narrative with fabric development and performance driven design. Experimentation has seen the utilisation of thermo-sensitive fabrics, integrating them into key silhouettes such as the Fishtail Jacket and our Quilted Vest. Through applying a specialised coating to the fabric, micro-encapsulated agents are introduced. As temperatures increase, these molecules undergo a phase change, initiating the thermochromic process. Upon cooling, the colour reverts to its original state, offering a dynamic visual experience.

Rather than being driven by purely aesthetics, performance will always be at the forefront of PMO’s research. Prioritising functionality and attention to detail, ensuring that the product delivers results. This ongoing and in-depth investigation into the transformation and enhancement of fabrics will permeate every future season, allowing for the natural progression of the product and brand DNA.

For this campaign, an industrial-grade thermal drone was deployed to track trail runner Daniel Morgan as he traversed the winding roads of Stwlan Dam, rigorously testing the Heat-reactive range. Hailing from Methyr Tydfil, he is intimately familiar with the Welsh mountains, having cultivated his passion for running since childhood. Inspired by his grandfather, a well-known explorer who discovered numerous cave systems within Wales, Dan embodies a deep-rooted connection to the rugged terrain he navigates; using the garments to full effect.